How to Prevent, Reduce and Cope up with Stress – Stress Management

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Sha Wellness Resort Spain

Sha Wellness Resort Spain

Stress is more stressful than the term itself. There seems to be no end to it – the bills will lie in the box, you will never get an extra hour in a day, your responsibilities are unlikely to be shared, and life will remain ever-demanding. But, you can have better control over your life, especially over stress, than you think. As a matter of fact, the moment you realize that you are in control of life, you will be able to manage stress. Stress management is an act of taking charge of emotions, thoughts, schedules, and ways of handling problems. Sometimes, a quick holiday and some great massage can do the trick for you.

Coping with Day-to-Day Stress

Thinking of stress makes things worse! If you are not thinking but you still seem to be bogged down, identify what’s wrong. To help yourself, prepare your stress journal. Note your daily activities in the journal. It will help you to identify those triggers that you might otherwise ignore.

Methods of coping with stress management can be productive or unproductive. What are you doing?

Smoking, drinking alcohol, overeating, losing appetite, using drugs or pills, sleeping a bit more than usual, procrastinating your goals – you are on the wrong track! These are unproductive or unhealthy ways to manage stress.

Try to adapt healthier methods to cope with stress that can contribute to your physical and emotional well-being. For instance, you can choose to avoid, adapt, accept, or alter the situation.

Since people have unique responses to stress, there cannot be a definite solution for stress management. There’s no single method that works for all.

Make Time for Some Fun and Relaxation

Stress can be managed by frequent breaks from the fast-paced lifestyle we generally follow. Beyond taking charge of your stressors and developing a positive attitude, it is possible to reduce and manage stress by nurturing your mind. If you make some time for relaxation and fun on a regular basis, you’ll definitely be at a better place in handling the stress in life.

Ways to Relax

  • Go for regular walks, in the morning or evening
  • Play with your pet – it’s pet therapy
  • Immerse yourself in some good music, which you’ve not done in the past – music therapy
  • Talk to friends more often
  • Sweat out stress and tension with some good workout indoors
  • Take warm bath regularly
  • Maintain your journal
  • Go for a spa massage once in a while to pamper yourself and open up those blocked nerves
  • Gardening is a good way to relax
  • Read a book that interests you
  • Watch some comedy show on TV

Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle

Your stress is in your hands. You can increase stress resistance by strengthening physical health. It’s never too late to begin.

  • Exercise regularly to keep your stress levels down. Physical activity is the key to prevent and reduce stress and after effects. 30 minutes of workout, thrice a week. Nothing can beat the benefits of aerobic exercise because it helps in releasing tension and pent-up emotions.
  • Eat healthy to get nourishment so that your body is well prepared to handle and cope with tension. Be a mindful eater. Eat your breakfast regularly and keep up the energy levels.
  • Get plenty of rest and sleep. Sleep is the fuel for your mind and body. Feeling tired increases the level of stress that makes you think irrationally.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Awareness to Live Happily Ever After

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Yoga at the Alpina Gstaad

Yoga at the Alpina Gstaad

When success and happiness is concerned, both emotional intelligence and intellectual ability matter. Emotional intelligence is a human trait, which has been researched as an emerging concept that helps in building stronger relationships, achieving personal goals and success at work.

Emotional Intelligence – What is it?

As humans, we are emotional. Happiness, sadness, love, hatred, anger, rage, envy and joy are some of the emotional traits we exude. Emotional intelligence defines the ability of human beings to identify, understand, use, and manage their emotions in a positive way so as to relieve stress, empathize, communicate effectively, defuse conflict, and overcome challenges. It affects various aspects of your life, including our behavior and interaction with others.

If your EQ level is high, you can easily recognize your emotional state and that of others, and even engage with individuals.

Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Life

Success – we are running after it, and it is running beyond our reach. As a result, we suffer from stress, anxiety and a nervous breakdown. Given the fact that there are so many reported cases of heart attacks and strokes in the corporate world today, it’s time to take charge of our health.

Emotional intelligence is the key to pave your road to success. There are some people who’ve been academically brilliant, yet they are socially incompetent and unsuccessful at their work and personal relationships. Reason is – intellectual intelligence is not just enough to be successful; you also need to have the emotional quotient right in order to manage your emotions and stress before facing the challenges in life.

Your emotional wellbeing has a profound effect on your work, health, and relationships.

Navigating social complexities occurring at your workplace, motivating and leading others, is the route to excel in the corporate world. As a matter of fact, most companies are gauging the EQ of candidates during the interview process to determine their emotional ability to interact.

Physical health is often affected by stress levels, which leads to severe health complications. Uncontrolled levels of stress can elevate your blood pressure levels, increase risk of stroke and heart attack, suppress your immune system, speed up aging, and make you infertile. Emotional intelligence helps you to relieve your stress and anxiety.

Uncontrolled stress effects mental health, thereby making you susceptible to depression and anxiety. If you fail to understand or manage your emotions, mood swings and depression will eventually set in.

Finally, relationships are controlled by emotions – you will be able to express your feelings and emotions better with a higher emotional quotient. This will help you to communicate effectively as well as forge stronger relations, both in personal life and at work.

How to Raise the Level of Emotional Intelligence?

To foster stronger relationships and bond well at work, you need to be mentally strong. Staying connected to your emotional and rational self will help you to explore your choices better. In order to promote emotional intelligence skills, as well as your decision-making functions, you must understand how to manage your mind and emotions properly.

Emotional intelligence is primarily built by relieving stress, staying connected, and remaining connected to your inner self and others.

There are 2 essential skills to control and manage overwhelming stress in life and 3 skills to improve communication:

  • Ability to reduce stress quickly in various settings
  • Ability to identity emotions and prevent them from overpowering your mind
  • Ability to connect to others emotionally using nonverbal techniques
  • Ability to utilize humor to stay connected despite challenging situations
  • Ability to develop a positive attitude and resolve conflicts with confidence

Emotional awareness should be learned and cultivated in the mind to improve mental health and living condition.

Health and Fitness Benefits of Spa Holidays

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Fusion Maia Spa Hotels De Nang

Fusion Maia Spa Hotels De Nang

A spa treatment can be an exceptionally gratifying experience, once in a while. Modern-day spa treatment centres cater to an astounding range of experiences, often health-promoting, with exceptional healing powers and touch therapy. However, one strong difference today is that spas aren’t limited to your city; today, there are spa holidays that can not only relax your body and mind, but also encourage a peaceful holiday.

Spa holidays are much appreciated these days because the entire experience is de-stressing. These holidays generally include spa therapies, pamper sessions and holistic activities. They even provide an opportunity to visit the surrounding locales. There are other innumerable health benefits of a spa holiday, which includes a healthier and spiritual lifestyle.

1: Detox with Spa Holiday

Did you ever think this was possible? Now, it is! With spa holidays, you can enjoy a holiday, relaxing and totally keeping to yourself, while you can also relax and detoxify your body. During the holiday, you will go through a series of cleansing sessions to eliminate toxin from your body and regenerate the blood. Some of the vital organs, such as kidneys, liver, skin and lungs will get maximum benefits, having an unparallel effect on your body and mind.

2: De-stress with Spa Holiday

Holidays are meant to relieve your stress and keep you away from the hustle-bustle of life. With spa holidays, you have more to enjoy. Spa therapies and massage will ensure that your mind and body is completely de-stressed. Holistic activities like Tai Chi, Pilates or yoga can also do wonders. Swimming, daily walks, and the effects of holistic activities will increase flexibility, tone your muscles and enhance your strength.

3: Anti-Aging Benefits with Spa Holiday

Are you looking for aging skin treatments? A spa holiday can be perfect for you. There are medical spas that include specialized treatments, such as exfoliation, peels and non-surgical facials, can transform you.

4: Sleep Aid with Spa Holidays

Since spa holidays include various relaxing exercises and therapies, it promotes sleep too. With therapists to handle your sleep habits, you can expect complete treatment and healing. Techniques like therapeutic massage, Reiki, reflexology or acupuncture helps.

5: Get Pampered with Spa Holidays

Spas are, undoubtedly, pampering and relaxing. There are additional pampering sessions that include Ayurveda massages, Reiki, full body massage, body wraps and other activities that can leave you energized and rejuvenated.

6: Soothe your Aches with Spa Holidays

There are different techniques included in spa holiday packages to relieve your pains and aches. There is an extensive range of therapies that helps in providing relief against all pains and aches. There are some therapies that target specific areas or injuries, for better result.

7: Improved Health and Fitness with Spa Holidays

A spa holiday can help you attain the level of fitness you’ve always wanted. A luxury break with experienced trainers can help you to learn various activities, such as swimming, yoga, Pilates and circuit training, which will keep you fit and strong.

8: Weight Loss with Spa Holidays

On holidays, people often dread the idea of gaining weight due to diet changes. However, if you are on a spa holiday, it’s unlikely; it would, rather, be a weight loss holiday for you. By following the specific combination of diet plans and fitness activities, it’s obvious that you would reach your goals.