Explore Exotic Spa Break in Europe

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Capri palace spa essentials

Capri Palace

Ever wanted to go on a spa holiday? Go for a spa break in Europe. Find some of the most exotic and healthy spa holidays in Europe to make the most of your trip. The spa holidays will calm down your senses, remove the stress, detoxify your system, energize your body and give inner peace to you.

The spa break in Europe offers a combination of outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, mountain biking, scuba diving along with Yoga or meditation. Moreover, they offer some of the best and healthiest cuisines to choose from. The atmosphere around is so calm and serene that by merely looking at it, one will feel relaxed.The few destinations that offer spa breaks  in Europe are mentioned below here:

  • Italian spa breaks: At some point of time, everyone needs a break and wants to be pampered. Italy offers some unforgettable spa holiday experience. Right from exotic spa deals to delicious and healthy meals, Italy has it all.
  • Croatia’s popular spa holidays: Croatia is rapidly turning into a famous European spa destination. Designed in a way to provide you the best of facilities and soothing spas in a beautiful surrounding.
  • Exotic spa deals in Switzerland: Switzerland is among the most beautiful holiday destinations in Europe. Located in a small area near mountainous region, it offers some breathtaking and picturesque locations and what’s better than taking spa treatments at such a place.
  • Spa holidays in Malta: Malta has in store some of the most exclusive spa treatments ranging from herbal treatments, Ayurveda, variety of massages, detoxification processes to enhance your mind and soul. Malta is famous for its rich heritage and for all those people who are desirous of exploring a new place, Malta is the best option.

Europe has always been popular for providing the best spa experience and landscapes. All round the year, spas in Europe are full of travelers, with about 70% of people travelling from different countries to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable time away from their busy lives. There are some exciting resorts for you to choose. Travel single or with your friends and family to extract the best of the spa facilities. Indulge yourself in the unique spa resorts and make the best use of your spare time. Also, you can experience the underwater treatment with spa day deals in Europe. Many resorts apart from offering spa facilities, also provide the yoga and fitness hubs to keep you stay healthy and fit while simultaneously you can enjoy the most ravishing meals at the resorts. And when you return home, you take along the most exciting and lovely experience of spa plus the firm bonds of friendship made during the trip. Nowadays, with lives getting hectic and full of stress, people are finding ways to soothe and relax their bodies and mind. For this, spa day deals in Europe are the best option with amazing spa facilities, along with other health and fitness programs.

SHA Wellness Clinic – Designed to soothe tired or rejuvenate the mind

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SHA Wellness Clinic

Looking forward to lose some extra pounds or just to improve your vitality levels, bored with those diets and treatments, playing outdoor sports is an easy way to achieve so. Get in terms with the Outdoor sports, wellness program at the SHA wellness, which offers you a chance to achieve holistic wellness in a more enjoyable way. Get fit this summer in a more refreshing and rejuvenating way at the SHA wellness clinic.

What is the SHA Wellness Clinic all about?

The SHA wellness clinic is designed and innovated by personal experience of Alfredo Bataller Parietti, who himself had been suffering intestinal issues. The Hotel is a wellbeing center that invigorates a sense of wellbeing, while giving you a chance to enjoy sheer luxury.

What Outdoor sports can you enjoy?


Situated in Alicante, Spain, the wellness clinic is nestled by turquoise blue waters and clear skies make it an ideal destination to take up swimming.  Swimming is the most enjoyable and fastest way to shed those extra calories and get back in shape. It not only improves motor skills, memory, concentration and coordination but it also helps making the body more toned and flexible.  If you are a hydrophilous, then swimming is a great way of losing weight and shaping up your body.

Paddle Surf:

A favorite spot for the summer season is Paddle surfing, a holiday at the SHA Wellness Clinic gives you a chance to enjoy the sport at the Albir’s beach in Altea’s Bay. The Beach has a beautiful ambience, with pristine blue water surrounded by high cliffs make it an ideal place to enjoy Paddle surfing. Wondering what the benefit of opting for the sport is, there are a number of them. From balanced coordination, improving mobility and strength, improvement in postural muscles and many other benefits make it a great choice for wellness instructors at SHA to incorporate in the program.


Love to spend some time all by yourself; jogging is a great sport to achieve it along with improved fitness levels too. Jogging is an enjoyable way to improve your vitality levels, losing weight and reduce your stress levels. Promotion of losing weight as jogging burns about 500Kcal/Hour at an average speed of 10Km/Hour making it much simpler to lose weight. Jogging on the Albir’s beach is a wonderful experience making you gain back your vitality levels.

Playing beach bats:

Playing Beach bats at the beach can be a wonderful and refreshing experience, the SHA wellness clinic makes the best use of Beach bats as a tool for improving your physical resistance and burn calories. You can enjoy the activity alone or with friends, making it more enjoyable and fun filled, on the other hand helping you shed away those extra pounds without any trouble.


If you are a water baby, the SHA wellness center in Spain gives you a chance to enjoy the most loved water sport, surfing amidst the beautiful surroundings. Surfing is a great way to improve your wellness levels in a more frolic way. The sport is an enjoyable and easy way to improve the body’s coordination and balance.

Kite surfing:

Fly like a bird! This sport has reached big popularity over the years and it has become a perfect entertainment for your summer holidays. Kite surfing is a great way of improving the coordination, concentration and balance of the body.  The SHA wellness clinic makes best use of the kite surfing to get back you in shape and pump up your adrenaline levels.

Enjoy a wide range of outdoor sports at the wellness program at the SHA wellness clinic. Pump back your adrenaline and fitness levels on an outdoor sports holiday at the SHA wellness clinic in Alicante Spain.

Shanti Maurice – Touch of Luxury

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Shanti Maurice Nira Resort

Shanti Maurice, Mauritius

Shanti Maurice is a small boutique lifestyle resort situated amidst the turquoise blue waters and sprawling sparkling wide sands of Mauritius. A magnificent location, premium luxury and award winning services and cuisine are what Shanti Maurice is all about. There is something for each traveler coming down to the resorts. A multi faceted resort Shanti Maurice, offers a wide array of activities and experiences for each one coming down to the resort.

The first visit to Shanti Maurice will leave you spellbound, a boutique resort which spreads over 35 acres of the area, with beautifully landscaped gardens and the beautiful south coast lying ahead leaves you spell bound. The 61 oceanfront villas and suites are dotted around the resort and are kitted out in cool, comfortable shades of cream with local hardwood furnishings and cavernous spa bathrooms.

Looking for a perfect place to make your romantic getaway special, Shanti Maurice gives you an idyllic setting. Indulge and pamper each other with luxurious and rejuvenating spa treatments, by trained professionals. If you are looking for a private setting with your partner, the resort has 17 villas, which have been equipped with plenty of wow factor features like private pools and spa bathrooms, wherein you can enjoy your own moments. The focal point of the resort is a shimmering slate infinity pool, housing pretty fish fountains and floating gardens

The Nira spa at the resort covers an area of 75,000 sq. Feet, with specially designed 25 rooms for taking up different treatments, takes the experience at the spa to a different level. The treatments are inspired from diverse Indian and African heritage with the excellent core Ayurvedic spa being matched by the multi award-winning African products and treatments developed by Africology. If you are feeling jaded from the busy schedules, the spa has a variety of treatments like Hydrotherapy, Cocoons, Body Polishes, Fusion Massage and Watsu treatments. One can also opt for wellness programs like Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta pump back those dipped vitality levels. You can easily spot celebrities like Thandi Newton and Liz Hurley unwinding at the spa.

For family holidays, Shanti Maurice wins the hearts. A trained staff at the hotel makes it much easier to keep your kids occupied and give you some time all by yourself. Engage your kids with recreational pursuits such as non-motorized water sports, tennis, and arts & crafts including shell painting, clay modelling and ‘treasure hunts’. The kid’s activity club arranges activities like field trips to nearby Crocodile Park and Casela bird sanctuary or weekly competitions of origami, flower making to keep them busy. While you can be relaxing and unwinding, enjoying your favorite activity.

Just wanted to rediscover yourself, the Shanti Garden is the place for you. As the name suggests Shanti means peace, the beautiful setting and ambience gives you an opportunity to rediscover yourself. Lush and tropical gardens, include ponds, lawns and small indigenous forest with the melodious sounds of the birds chirping make it a soul searching experience.

Calm down your appetite at the specialty restaurants at the hotel. Stars at Shanti Maurice serve local fusion cuisine made by Chef Reinbacher. The specially designed dishes taste best with carefully selected South African wines making the dining experience a memorable one. For healthier and lighter meal options, the resort has Pebbles, inspired by the flavors of Europe, Africa, China, the Middle East and India serves scrumptious tasting dishes to satiate your appetite.

Our favorite at the resort is the Fish and Shum rack, celebrates the bounty of the surrounding seas, serving the freshly grilled and barbequed ingredients. If you look at Mauritius searching for a hideout, which offers premium indulgence and a chance to rejuvenate your tired senses, then the Shanti Maurice is the place to be.