The BodyHoliday- St Lucia resort

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The top luxury all-inclusive spa resort The BodyHoliday in St Lucia offers you the chance to spruce up for spring!
Experience the holistic therapies available such as Reiki, be pampered with Lulur Lulur- a luxurious massage with scented oils, skin scrub, finished off with an application of yoghurt dressing.

Relax and renew with Ayurvedic treatments and therapies; Abhyarga- two handed massage which benefits blood circulation and the lymph and nervous systems.

Should you have any special requirements & requests we would recommend trying out some of their personal programme, with a combination of tailored sessions in fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and mental wellness can be set up for you based on your personal goals with help and guidance.

The BodyHoliday offers you exactly what you want giving you not only a revitalising but a personal experience.

Choose from…
Detox Today Rejuvenate Tomorrow- rid yourself of toxins with Body Sculpting Therapy
Lose It Tone It- a programme set up around your own fitness and health
Healthy Ageing- reverses the years with a facial or at the specialist skin clinic.
Beat The Bloat- Get your summer body ready leaving you feeling lighter and confident.
Optimal Wellness- experience all aspects of fitness, nutrition and exercise, healthy mind and sleep.
Stress Buster- Relax, rejuvenate and revitalise with practices like Indian head massage.

Perfect for solo travellers! Renew by yourself and meet others with the choice of a communal dining table purely for solos.
First time at the resort? Discover scuba diving in the diving centre of the world plus an extensive choice of activities yoga, golf and morning walks, the exquisite cuisine and rooms that ooze comfort and privacy, you couldn’t pick a more perfect place to find yourself, by yourself and discover new and exciting experiences.

The tranquil island allows you to enrich yourself in pleasure and luxury and allows the resort to bestow their philosophy…

‘Give us your body for a week, and we’ll give you back your mind’

Nira Hotels & Resorts’ Shanti Maurice voted Best Luxury Hotel in Mauritius for the Second Year.

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Shanti Maurice

Sanctuary Spa holidays is delighted to share that our favourite Luxury Spa Resort Shanti Maurice for the second year running, has won the award for the Best Hotel in Mauritius in the Africa category for the International Hotel Awards 2012.

Winners from each category, Asia Pacific, UK, Europe, the Americas, Arabia including Africa, will now come together to find the World’s Best. Situated on the south coast of Mauritius, Shanti Maurice is a boutique resort offering stunning beaches, outstanding hospitality as well as an award-winning Nira Spa. Mauritian authenticity at the resort is key; showcased through the timeless blend of Mauritian and African design and the cuisine. Executive Chef Willibald Reinbacher believes that ingredients should be fresh and local, and that the best way to understand a destination and its culture is through its cuisine. With these wonderful attributes it’s no surprise Shanti Maurice has been chosen in the Africa category as the best hotel in Mauritius for second time.

The International Hotel Awards are considered by many in the industry to be the most prestigious awards program, recognising excellence and merit amongst hotels and resort worldwide. The judging panel, chaired by Sir David Michels, consists of experts from the travel and hospitality industry. On 4 November the final results and winners will be announced at a Gala Awards Presentation at the Marriot Hotel Grosvenor Square, London. The international hotels Awards Association will also be putting together an End of Year Book to include all of the winners.

New Year Detox Programs

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Learn the art of relaxation and discover pure Luxury. From body scrubs with blend of raw almond to tailormade New Year Detox programs, you can truly indulge in spa bliss and therapeutic pampering with our special packages which are just perfect for you.


Experience the ancient art of healing from India in the cuddling arm of nature at Manaltheeram, the Ayurveda Beach Village. Enter the world of holistic healing and let Ayurveda and meditation restore your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional equilibrium.

Prices from
Single £1399 | Sharing £1599


Welcome to the world of relaxation without limits! Specifically created as a space for healing and rejuvenation, the ambiance at Kamalaya is a luxuriant blend of ethereal bohemia and clean-lined Asian aesthetics.

Prices from
Single £2599 | Sharing £2999


Fusion of luxurious holiday resort and cutting edge medical spa, the concept if wellbeing here is comprehensive and can be experienced in everything. Longevity Essential Detox Holiday offers life changing experience and new you!!

Prices from
Single £1325 | Sharing £1569


A stunning Moroccan inspired boutique resort this a haven to those seeking a journey back to balance, rejuvenation and a healthy lifestyle. Detox program here are tailored for those wanting a complete overhaul, healthwise.

Prices from
Single £1979 | Sharing £2289


The BodyHoliday takes you to a a truly luxurious experience, a Wellness Centre that provides a range of treatments that will leave you feeling alive and a range of activities that could keep you busy from dawn until dusk.

Prices from
Single £2199 | Sharing £2899


This globally acclaimed spa resort is infused with timeless therapeutic traditions from across the world. Combne your vacation with a wellness package or an intensive detox and treatment program.

Prices from
Single £2205 | Sharing £2829


Bringing you the best in spa experience. Let all those troubles float away, experience a sense of complete calm and traquility, and embark on a journey of relaxation with the Lifehouse Spa treatments.

Prices from
Single £599 | Sharing £599