Benefits of a Spa Holiday

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What’s not a benefit of a spa holiday?


Learn how to relax your muscles and your mind. Allow your tension to be worked out of you by reflexology or Abhayanga, a relaxing massage performed by two therapists.


Say goodbye to bloating and water retention and detox on a luxury spa break. Eat exquisite cuisine, exercise and bask in the natural beauty and calmness of the place your in.


Impress your friends with your new body and moves in yoga and Pilates and rid yourself of those daily aches and pains. Detox your mind daily at home with your new meditation skills, learn how to control your breathing which will strengthen your respiratory system as well as keeping you calm and distressed in any situation.

Healthy Ageing

Say no to the needle and retain your beauty with soothing facials and keep yourself looking ravishing for years to come.


Just one of the many benefits that you will bring home from your luxury spa break, start a good cycle; relaxation from spa break = good sleep = relaxation = good sleep = relaxation….

Be pampered

Now that your rejuvenated inside, it’s time to get you looking your best outside to fully complete your whole transformation. Manicures, pedicures…it all happens in the salons. After your hard day of being pampered, how about a nice relax in one of the hot tubs, saunas or steam showers?

By being detoxed, losing weight, learning to eat right, finding out about new, easy exercises will all add to your confidence in yourself; physically and mentally. Watch your self-esteem and confidence grow along with your knowledge of holistic therapies and how to treat yourself right.

When you leave a spa holiday, you don’t just take back the glowing tan and wonderful memories, you take back new inspiration on how to live your life for you.

Not bad for a holiday break…

Ultimate Luxury Spa Holiday at The Taj Palace, Marrakech

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A ‘little taste of India in the breath taking Moroccan landscape’. Impossible you say? Well this is what the Taj Palace, Marrakech promises you.

The five benevolent alabaster-white domes tower above you and you’re surrounded by the awe-inspiring Moroccan scenery with the snow-capped Atlas Mountains in the distance, the glistening Palmeraie landscape with the swaying palm trees hanging over you. As you walk through the lobby of The Taj Palace Marrakech, you’re greeted with a shimmering, 22 metre chandelier centerpiece which gives you just a taste of the immense luxury holiday that you are in.

You simply must visit the amazing Jiva Grande Spa, the all-natural treatments lets you completely relax and reconnect with your ‘Inner force’. Start being pampered before you can even get over the threshold with a welcoming foot bath that starts your rejuvenation journey.

Feel the all-consuming healing power of; Ayurveda, Indian Therapies with a combination of yoga, meditation and spa treatment with the Jiva Grande Spa’s very own Signature Treatments.

For those who love diversity and who enjoy a selection of a number of different cultures, then I would definitely recommend a visit to the restaurants, clubs and bars which blends Moroccan, Mediterranean and the Orient in its exquisite cuisine.

Celebrating with a loved one? The amazing Sunset Dining Experience lets you behold the stunning Palmeraie landscape with a menu of your choice, music and decorations.

End your day of pampering, dining and basking in the natural beauty of Marrakech, in one of the lavish rooms and suites on offer.
• Riad Garden Room, Palace Palmeraie Room, Riad Pameraie Room, Palace Atlas Room, Riad Atlas Room- Drift off into a deep and fulfilled sleep with surrounded by views of the resort’s stunning fountain courtyard, the peaceful Palmeraie landscape or the divine Atlas Mountains.
• Riad Luxury Suite- Live like royalty in this elegant and luxurious suite where the décor reflects the beauty of the past.
• Palace Luxury Suite- Be overwhelmed by a staggering, 180 degree view of the Palmeraie landscape and the Atlas Mountains.
• Grand Salon Suite- Escape together with these two bedroom suites with beautiful oriental design and their spacious size.
• Royal Suite- A private entrance, its own floor and at the top of the main palace… The Royal suite defines privacy and peace.

The Taj Palace, Marrakech blows you away with its astounding and unique views and the unique union of Moorish, Indian and Venetian architecture making the Taj Palace Marrakech a truly cultural experience as well as an intensely rejuvenating one with the Jiva Grande Spa.

The Taj Palace Marrakech is unquestionable ‘an encounter that touches the soul’.

The Kamalaya, Koh Samui ‘Sleep Enhancement Wellness Program’

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Are you in bed by 9:30pm, the latest? Do you get 9-10 hours sleep a night?
With busy lives and deadlines, this just isn’t possible. The Kamalaya Koh Samui sleep enhancement program addresses your sleep issues and imbalances and this allows you to continue your newly improved sleeping cycle back home to combat your daily, busy life.

The co-founder of the Kamalaya Koh Samui, Dr Karina Stewart recommends this sleep pattern. So relax and re-establish a healthy and restful sleep cycle with the Sleep Enhancement Wellness Program at the Kamalaya Koh Samui.

It offers;
A Body Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA)
A Sleep Enhancement Consultation
A Royal Ayurvedic Massage
And a Sleep Enhancement Wellness Gift Pack

The spirit and beauty of where you will be staying will only add to your mind, body and soul’s renewal and rejuvenation. The Island of Koh Smaui has a tranquil sprit, allowing your body to truly relax in the environment it’s in.
The rooms exemplify the stunning views of the island with Beachfront, Rocktop and Pool villas with also Hillside rooms where you can start to have restful and fulfilled night’s sleep once more.

The cuisine is all natural and organic; breakfast, lunch and dinner are filled with choices varying from seeds, nuts, pulses, fruits, oats and vegetables’. How about starting off your luxury spa day with a wheatgrass shot!

There are a range of facilities such as yoga, recreation and other wellness programs such as; detox, stress and burnout, weight loss and optimal fitness to get yourself back to the way you should be. Not forgetting walks that you can take around the island, soaking up its nature and calmness.
It is a deeply inspirational place which leaves its guests feeling renewed and re-inspired. The award winning Kamalaya allows people to explore life and their own potential.