Go On To Higher Physical & Spiritual Level Thru Yoga

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Yoga as a form of stress buster has gained popularity in recent times. More and more people are going for a yoga holiday including families. The emphasis on the yoga techniques differs depending upon your requirement.

Types Of  Yoga Holidays

If you want to follow yoga in its purest form there are yoga retreats catering to your need. However, there are some who want a family vacation included too and in such cases, yoga assumes a slightly lesser emphasis and revolves around your vacation schedule. These are the ‘Beyond Yoga’ retreats where you get the best of both worlds; a family holiday as well as yoga.

How Do You Prepare For A Yoga Holiday?

Your body is going to undergo some change in its daily routine during the length of your yoga holiday. It is essential to acclimatize your body to this change by incorporating the following habits at least a fortnight before your holiday.

  • Get Introduced To Basic Yoga

It is essential to get a basic knowledge of yoga through a few classes wherein you learn what yoga is all about and are familiarized with the key poses. You get aware of the class format and terminology used.

  • Be Clear On Your Aims

You need to be clear on the objectives of your trip as to whether it is to de-stress, lose weight, learn something new, relieve specific aches and pains etc. If you have clarity in your aims then the yoga trainer can help you better.

  • Lessen Dependence On Technology

You need to be off your mobile devices, laptops during the tenure of your stay at the yoga retreat. Prepare yourself mentally to be cut off from your business world for a while.

  • Eat Right Foods

Your days at the yoga retreat will entail a change in your diet and hence it is better if you let your body get used to the type of food that will have to be eaten. Hence, consume light foods which are easily digestible and do not weigh you down and reduce intake of processed foods, alcohol, refined food items etc.

What Are Benefits Of Your Yoga Holiday?

Yoga offers two fold benefits to you; physical benefits and psychological benefits. Both are detailed below:

  • Physical Benefits

The secondary muscles and joints of your body are targeted in yoga which increases their flexibility; for eg, muscles of calves, hamstrings, back, hips and shoulders. The various yoga postures lead to a strengthening of the core as well as peripheral limbs.

The yoga postures involve a lot of stretching of muscles and this leads to enhancement of muscle tone. The deep breathing exercises give a good workout to the lungs enhancing cardiovascular performance.

Spinal alignment and relief from back aches caused due to the sedentary lifestyles are the greatest advantages of yoga.

  • Psychological Benefits

Yoga involves concentration while doing the various postures with the mind being trained to remove all irrelevant thoughts from it. Seasoned yoga practitioners are able to detach their mind from the effects of external stimuli and achieve a sense of oneness with Universe. In this process, you automatically get de-stressed.

The body is stretched to its limits by a repetitive working of the relevant yoga postures. At the same time, your breath has to complement the postures and the emphasis on deep breathing helps to calm the mind and improve its alertness.

Summarizing; get acquainted and trained in the yoga postures from a certified trainer and reap the benefits of this ancient form of fitness technique.

Plan, Get Set & Go on Your Rejuvenating Detox Holiday

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It has become a common feature for couples and families to go on a detox holiday or a yoga retreat for their vacation. Many destinations which offer comprehensive detox packages have sprung up all over the world.

Why Do You Need A Detox?

The inherent natural systems of the body’s organs are responsible for cleansing the body of the various toxic buildups; but the immense bombardment of polluting factors from the environment makes it unable to fulfill this function effectively. Hence, the liver, kidneys, colon and the lymphatic glands are burdened with toxic accumulations and a detox facilitates the cleansing of each, individually.

A detox holiday helps to restore the balance and equilibrium to your systems and enables them to heal from inside out; however, you have to keep a few things in mind as you prepare for a detox holiday.

Preparing For A Detox Holiday- In terms of planning

Your detox holiday has to be planned well in advance so that it becomes an enriching experience. Some of the factors on which planning is essential are:

  • Budget

Your detox experience to a large extent will be determined by the budget you have made for it. Moreover, you will also need to decide whether you want to club it with a family holiday and go overseas or want to experience it in your home country.

  • Accommodation

It is essential to plan the accommodation of your stay as to whether you want a luxurious ambience or a smaller setup where your experience will be cozy and intimate. The location is also an important factor; you can choose between natural, tranquil surroundings or pick up serenity amidst a metropolitan spa enclave.

  • Support Staff

You can browse the various websites offering the detox facilities. While doing so, you have to judge the politeness, courtesy and warmth exuded by the customer support staff as you inquire from them, the details about their retreat. This is important as this is going to ultimately determine how good your stay will be. Personal reviews are important in this case.

  • Contents of the Package

A detox holiday normally, gives you a comprehensive package which includes a variety of therapeutic treatments that revitalize the mind and body. It is advisable to choose those which offer personalized treatments, lifestyle consultations, and guidance even after the treatment is over.

Preparing for a Detox Holiday- In terms of diet

There are various ways of giving your body the much needed detox ranging from a three to seven day fast, juice diet, whole foods diet, vegan diet etc. Additional supplements that will enhance the cleansing of your body may also be included in the program. However, it helps if you include or exclude certain food items from your daily diet at least a fortnight before you embark on your detox holiday.

The detox program involves a change in diet and hence it is easy for your body to adjust to it if you begin eating similar food items in advance. Items to be excluded are refined food items, alcohol, meat, sugar and artificial sweeteners, processed foods, fried foods, hydrogenated oils, high fat dairy, coffee and sodas. You need to consume more of fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains, olive oil, nuts and seeds, green tea and lots of water.

Detox retreats offer a holistic health and wellness package and are located in serene surroundings. The location settings add to the calming effect given by the various meditative therapies and other techniques and help you to come back totally cleansed and charged anew.

Get The Best Out Of Your Thailand Spa Holidays

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The prevalence of taking spa holidays is on the rise today as more and more people look for avenues to relieve their stress and fatigue. Spas provide a relaxing outlet to indulge their desired break. Such spa resorts are spread all over the world with Thailand Spa Holidays being one of the most popular ones.

Romance Of Thailand Spa Holidays

Thailand is a popular tourist destination with its deserted white sandy beaches, pristine blue sea waters, lush greenery of the tropical forests and the friendly people. There are innumerable retreats set in exotic and breathtaking settings with most of the upscale luxurious resorts offering a spa experience worth remembering. If you are leaned more towards enjoying the beaches and gourmet cooking then you can get a day spa experience or else you can wholly live the spa experience throughout the tenure of your vacation. Some of the world’s best spas are located here and they offer a comprehensive package that allows you to de-stress and return as totally ‘new’ back to your world. The access points and backdrops of the resorts only add to the allure of Thailand Spa holidays.

Types Of Thailand Spa Holidays

Some of the well-known locales for spa resorts in Thailand are Krabi, Hua Hin, Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui and Koh Yao. Each has its own distinct style and as you immerse in the luxurious ambience and pampering all your senses come alive like never before.

The spa resorts in Thailand draw upon the ancient Ayurvedic traditions to offer a holistic spa experience and the inventive dining experience which comes along, ups the wellness quotient.

Day Spa experiences are normally offered by five-star hotels to the day spa seekers and in-house guests. You can come across such ideal escape outlets at Bangkok where due to space crunch you are treated to an indulgent spa extravagance amidst the clouds, on upper floors of high-rise spa resorts.

You can set aside larger amounts of time solely to be spent in destination spas. Destination spas offer an all inclusive package of exercise and diet program, yoga, wellness coaching along with the therapeutic massages, sauna and steam pool facilities.

Destination Thailand Spa Holidays

One of the most popular destination spa retreats where nature thrives in its full glory is at Krabi which is also one of the most popular tourist spot. Most of the spas out here have an old world charm setting in the outdoors amidst natural fragrances with stunning beach views.

A tropical forest setting can be obtained at the Spa resorts at Koh Samui which is fast becoming popular for its health and wellness programs. Being in the interiors it provides peace and quiet and one of them offers exquisite experiences in the form of herbal steam cave and dipping pool. It is an ideal spot for nature lovers.

Another destination for enjoying your Thailand spa holidays is Hua Hin where the massage treatments are legacies handed down over thousands of years. The techniques involved give you an invigorating makeover by applying gentle pressure along the correct energy points and stimulate your body internally.

So, get going and make the most of your Thailand Spa holidays.