James Gandolfini Too Young To Die

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James Gandolfini aka Tony Soprano, who played the main character in the Sopranos, was my hero and an idol for so many. He was such an intense actor in all the roles he played, he gave everything to his work. Even when he died in Italy on holiday he was working attending a film awards ceremony. James Gandolfini who died at 51 of a possible heart attack. All the cliches come out in such tragedies ‘he was too young to die’, ’such a loss to society’ and my personal bug bear ‘life’s too short’.

Even though I respected James Gandolfini as an actor I just wish he did more to look after himself. He was an actor who was completely dedicated to his work and from his stature it always seemed he maybe spent too little time to look after himself. Life sometimes can look too short but my favourite cliche is ‘life is what you make it’. I believe if more people spent more time thinking about looking after themselves in mind, body and soul maybe more people would be healthier and live longer. Being physically active is important and the Department of Health guidelines stipulate being active 3 times a week for 30 minutes. So a brisk walk for 30minutes would suffice. Healthier eating and five a day of fruit and vegetables are crucial. However, its not just the body but the mind thats important. Stress can also play a major part in bad health hence relaxation is as important. So relaxing on the beach, spa treatments such as aromatherapy or even just getting away from the rigours of life can only help to enhance life.

James Gandolfini is gone and our thoughts are with his family who have lost a father, a husband and a friend. I hope the legacy from his death is that his fans all over the world learn that work life balance is key to a healthier life.

The Fusion Maia Resort, Vietnam

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Want to have better mental, physical and emotional well-being? Want to be in a tropical climate, immersed in ultimate luxury? Well that is the exact philosophy of The Fusion Maia Resort in Vietnam.

Visit the stunning Fusion Maia resort in Vietnam with its amazing spa, location, cuisine and accommodation…believe me, you will not want to go home.

Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul at the Fusion Maia’s spa; you’ll be surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens, a swimming pool and an amazing waterfall while discovering the holistic approach to wellness with healing massages and foot reflexology. Learn the art of yoga and meditation to cleanse your mind and body for when your return home.

Turn yourself and your life around with the amazing 7-day program based on natural living practices to help you achieve the best possible balanced lifestyle. Feel yourself change by each day as at the Fusion Maia, each one comes with a new experience.

Just want to relax? Be pampered by the spa’s beauty salons and switch off completely in the spectacular Jacuzzis, steam rooms and saunas.

After a day of being pampered, rejuvenation and exploring the wonderful country that you are in, enjoy the pleasure of your own company in one of the luxurious villas; pool, spa or beach.

The Fusion Maia makes holidays special by leaving you with memories that are unforgettable.
I completely agree that, The Fusion Maia Resort is…

‘Not only a holiday, it’s a lifestyle’

Bodrum Holiday Resort and Spa

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Bodrum Spa Holidays

Waterdance and Watsu at an incredible spa hotel in Bodrum… Kempinski Resort Barbaros Bay, Bodrum, is anxiously looking forward to the appearance of  lifecoach, Deniz Susever till 20th Oct 2013. An expert in substitute treatments, Deniz will be presenting a range of new and de-stressing treatment treatments to the spa at this wellness hotel on the shores of  Turkey.

Deniz Susever is a master in these uncommon treatments which will be offered at Kempinski Resort Barbaros Bay. She began her journey of substitute treatments and treatment efforts in 1997 and after being presented to yoga exercises, she decided to go to Rishikesh, Indian to become a Yoga Trainer, later coming back there to study Integrative Massage treatment. Deniz has excellent charm in Watsu, Tantsu and The water dancing (WATA) Therapy and for the last six years she has been a Vipassana Meditator.

Deniz Susever’s skills are comprehensive and she will be providing her knowledge during the 45 – 80 minutes individual classes in the light and huge spa of Kempinski Resort Barbaros Bay, one of the only resorts in the country with a watsu treatment pool. The treatments will include:


A form of body program massage performed whilst in water mixing water and shiatsu. Watsu can reduce discomfort, stress and exhaustion and will generate the discharge of psychological issues and deep-seated injury.

Adapted Watsu

Adapted Watsu is Watsu designed for a specific personal issue using Shiatsu stress factors and many other methods. Tailored Watsu is used to alter the body program, reduce discomfort and improve the body ability to move.


A new method of marine body-work which energizes the response factors of all the body parts through Acupressure on the feet. Pressure factors are less delicate in water making perform on the body program further than on area. Aquareflexo enhances blood flow and unblocks sensors desires, therefore controlling the dynamic program and advertising peacefulness.

Waterdance (Wata)

Similar to Watsu but starting on the surface and then carefully moving into water. The period features many different elements such as massage and dancing. The consequences are actual launch, such as joint mobilisation, and it can also motivate strong states of pleasure.


Watsu but on the area. Tantsu uses extending and specializes in breathing and calmness. The consequences are the same at Watsu and also consist of a rebalancing of the Chakras.


Holding the persona in inactive state that provides peacefulness and blade sharp thoughts. Relaxation enhances inner serenity by concentrating the brain and building up actual peacefulness.

Klang Massage

Nepal’s traditional audio massage that is applied with special containers produced from an metal of 16 different materials. Self-generation and self-treatment power of the body program with audio oscillations is researched during a Klang Massage treatment.

Emotional Independence Techniques (ETF)

ETF brings together Acupressure and Statement Techniques which perform by neutralising interruptions in the body electrical program, avoiding the chemical incidents and liberating the recipient from psychological and actual difficulties. New or old psychological angers, life-long fears, obsessive behaviors and unhealthy styles can often be launched in less than an hour using ETF.

With 24 packages and 149 rooms at the place, Kempinski Resort Barbaros Bay is the size of luxury, and an ideal choice for those looking for sunlight, beautiful landscapes and complete recovery. Learn more about the Luxury Bodrum Spa Holidays