Get The Best Out Of Your Thailand Spa Holidays

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The prevalence of taking spa holidays is on the rise today as more and more people look for avenues to relieve their stress and fatigue. Spas provide a relaxing outlet to indulge their desired break. Such spa resorts are spread all over the world with Thailand Spa Holidays being one of the most popular ones.

Romance Of Thailand Spa Holidays

Thailand is a popular tourist destination with its deserted white sandy beaches, pristine blue sea waters, lush greenery of the tropical forests and the friendly people. There are innumerable retreats set in exotic and breathtaking settings with most of the upscale luxurious resorts offering a spa experience worth remembering. If you are leaned more towards enjoying the beaches and gourmet cooking then you can get a day spa experience or else you can wholly live the spa experience throughout the tenure of your vacation. Some of the world’s best spas are located here and they offer a comprehensive package that allows you to de-stress and return as totally ‘new’ back to your world. The access points and backdrops of the resorts only add to the allure of Thailand Spa holidays.

Types Of Thailand Spa Holidays

Some of the well-known locales for spa resorts in Thailand are Krabi, Hua Hin, Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui and Koh Yao. Each has its own distinct style and as you immerse in the luxurious ambience and pampering all your senses come alive like never before.

The spa resorts in Thailand draw upon the ancient Ayurvedic traditions to offer a holistic spa experience and the inventive dining experience which comes along, ups the wellness quotient.

Day Spa experiences are normally offered by five-star hotels to the day spa seekers and in-house guests. You can come across such ideal escape outlets at Bangkok where due to space crunch you are treated to an indulgent spa extravagance amidst the clouds, on upper floors of high-rise spa resorts.

You can set aside larger amounts of time solely to be spent in destination spas. Destination spas offer an all inclusive package of exercise and diet program, yoga, wellness coaching along with the therapeutic massages, sauna and steam pool facilities.

Destination Thailand Spa Holidays

One of the most popular destination spa retreats where nature thrives in its full glory is at Krabi which is also one of the most popular tourist spot. Most of the spas out here have an old world charm setting in the outdoors amidst natural fragrances with stunning beach views.

A tropical forest setting can be obtained at the Spa resorts at Koh Samui which is fast becoming popular for its health and wellness programs. Being in the interiors it provides peace and quiet and one of them offers exquisite experiences in the form of herbal steam cave and dipping pool. It is an ideal spot for nature lovers.

Another destination for enjoying your Thailand spa holidays is Hua Hin where the massage treatments are legacies handed down over thousands of years. The techniques involved give you an invigorating makeover by applying gentle pressure along the correct energy points and stimulate your body internally.

So, get going and make the most of your Thailand Spa holidays.

Take Advantage of Spa Trends for Christmas

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Festivals are occasions for merriment, prayer, giving and a means to beautify the self. It is hectic times as you plan the parties, gifts, recipes and many more things. In the midst of all the mad rush it is utmost necessary to set aside some time for yourself as otherwise Christmas will not be as pleasurable as it is supposed to be. Give your body and mind the means to de-stress and relax so that you are rejuvenated afresh for the festive days. One of the ways is to indulge in the spa experience. Some of the spa trends that can be expected for Christmas can be visualized in brief.

Spa Trends For Christmas

There will be greater emphasis on techniques that warm up your winter skin. With the worst of the winter almost over, there is a need to greet the fresh spring weather after working on your winter skin. The trend would be on exploring the different treatments available that work wonders on your skin and make it soft and pure as milk and honey.

  • Spa Treatments With Nourishing Oils

Pure coconut oil which is warmed to the right temperature and therapeutically poured the entire length of your body will be most sought after. Coconut oil is great for dry and dull skin and the pouring of sheer purity brings about a soothing effect to your tired skin. This is massaged in a style true to ancient Hawaiian healers which brings about a spiritual, emotional and physical well being of the individual. Obtaining your skin’s glow back again is one of the aim of the treatment and it is truly achieved.

  • Galvanic Current Treatments

Some twenty- first-century treatments such as Galvanic Current treatment make your facials highly effective. Various massages, use of serums and moisturizers are the normal features of a facial but in this treatment the cleansers and moisturizers get an added zing by the use of metal wands in the electric treatments. This can be coupled with ultrasonic exfoliation. These techniques are more effective in rejuvenating your skin.

  • Tapping The Power Of Ice

The healing properties of ice are used to rejuvenate your tired skin through super cooling procedures. Various contrasting hot and cold treatments are used to increase the effectiveness of therapies. A warm wrap which detoxifies the body is followed by a cold one which boosts the body’s circulation. Different approaches may be used here such as incorporating an ice fountain where clients grab fistfuls of ice to soothe their sore areas, besides others.

  • Kid-Specializing Spa Treatments

Christmas time is family time and the spa experience too has become a family affair. The list of kid-based spa options is on the rise and this enables them to get a relaxing experience. There are various treatments for the kids like ice-cream manicures which entitle them to a free single scoop of ice-cream or a chocolate-coconut massage and also makeup lessons for the teens. An increase in this list can be expected for festive occasions.

Come, Christmas times and you see everywhere, the increase in the fun and enjoyment quotient along with an increase in your beauty days. All in all, you are geared to face the New Year with a good glow and much gusto.

Take Advantage of Diversity in India Spa Holidays

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India is immensely rich in terms of its cultural and physical diversity and is one of the hot spots for authentic spa experience seekers. Beginning from the colorful backwatered Kerala at its southern tip to the pomp and splendor of the central historic palaces turned resorts and the cool, serene Himalayas in the north; each has a unique feel to offer.

The spa industry has witnessed an exceptional growth in India lately and the number of tourists coming here to get enriched with the India spa experience is on the rise. Some of the popular spa destinations spread across the breadths of this vast country have been detailed in brief.

This Oberoi owned spa resort is located on the picturesque hills of Shimla and as the name suggests includes flower and plant essences for its Ayurvedic based treatments and aromatherapy. It has won awards for being one of India’s best spa resorts. 

A wellness spa experience in this resort is equivalent to heavenly bliss as the resort combines ancient and modern therapies to give a truly unique experience to the residents. Amidst the serene beauty of the Himalayas, the yoga center helps one to leave all stress and tension behind and become one with the Universe.

You can get a taste of royalty at this spa which is set amidst the stunning view of the eternal love monument, Taj Mahal. Ancient Ayurvedic treatments combined with traditional Thai massage techniques and exquisite creams and oils befitting Indian royalty totally refresh the mind and the hearts of one and all.

One of the favorite spa destinations in India among the Conde Nast Traveler readers, the Taj Malabar Jiva Spa boasts of a sparkling swimming pool that seems to become one with the glistening ocean. A variety of programs ranging from body scrubs and massages drawn from ancient Ayurvedic scriptures to yogasanas and meditation give a wide choice to the tourist.

Set in the capital city of India, this standalone lifestyle spa offers treatments based on a unique combination of Ayurveda and Astrology and is the winner of award for the best day spa. This spa is one of its kinds in offering rejuvenating experiences, while being based in the hustle and bustle of metropolitan city.

A resort situated in Gokarna, South India, it is the best place to have a detox as well as unwind totally through yoga and meditation. It also promotes the pursuit of alternate creative hobbies like pottery, painting etc which gives the necessary makeover to your mind. They have differing periods of stay depending upon the program you choose.

The above mentioned places are but few examples of luxury spa resorts spread across the breadths of the country. Each gives a different pampered India spa experience which is influenced to some extent by the physical location, the cultural history, origins of the massage therapists and the available infrastructure.