Gear to an Exotic & Rejuvenating Stint through Spa Holidays Abroad

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The frequencies of having luxury spa holidays has increased in recent times and it is not surprising that many have had the spa experience at least once so far in their lives. If you have targeted for spa holidays abroad , that too is not very surprising as the enticing ads and the resonating dollars make it possible.

Need for Spa Holidays Abroad

There are many spa getaways that lure the common man to get their much needed break from stress and tensions of their daily life. Spas offer an opportunity to soothe your nerves and joints and provide a holistic approach which caters to your well-being. It involves the element of physical touch of a professional aimed at releasing the stress and tension in your body by promoting the flow of oxygen and blood circulation. Well-known names in the Spa industry give you unique health and wellness experiences through spa holidays abroad

Advantages of Spa Holidays Abroad

  • Excellent Locales

All the locales which advertise fulfilling spa holidays abroad are ideal places in terms of natural beauty and endowments. The natural thermal springs, mountain climates, saltpan mud are just a few of them and coupled with an excellent team of professionals make for a perfect combination of stress busters and health promoters.

  • Holistic Approach

Integrated treatments that take care of health and beauty needs are incorporated at these places. The blend of ancient skills and the state of art technology, customized activities and culinary experiences go a long way in rejuvenating the mental and physical spirit of the individual.

  • Recreational and Rejuvenating Activities

There is a wide array of choices to satisfy your love of the outdoors like stadium courts for volleyball, tennis, basketball, cycling, nature walks, horse riding and fishing. The indoor options also abound like fitness centers, indoor pools, sauna and gyms. Spa holidays abroad freshens your mind through yoga, tai chi and other techniques of relaxation as well as through the expert hands of the massage therapists.

  • Scope for Internal & External Exploration

The various meditative programs and soothing massages enable you to do mental introspection and cleanse your mind of all tensions and worries. The detox therapies help you to cleanse your body of all the toxins. Plans which cater to individual needs are available and these prove beneficial.

Indulge In Your Spa Holidays Abroad with Caution

Spa holidays definitely improve the physical and mental well-being of the individual. Quality of sleep is improved; incidences of sickness reduce leading to reduced absenteeism from work.

However, it has to be remembered that all sauna baths, communal pools and other water-associated spa treatments carry the potential of transmitting harmful bacteria. It has to be ensured that the resort is well-known for good quality of services offered. The individual should go through all the reviews available on the spa resort so that they can enjoy their well deserved break without fear of getting a bug.

Spa Holiday- Popular Vacation Option

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In this age of high tension and stressful living, getting a vacation has become a common feature. However, the concept of vacation has undergone a change, ranging from visits to grand parents’ house to visiting places of tourist interest and the latest being indulging in Spa Holidays.

Changing Face of Spa Holiday

The term ‘Spa Holiday has also evolved over the years; earlier Spa Holiday used to mean getting away to a tranquil place somewhere in the Himalayas where all material possessions had to be left behind. Such places are still present but on a large scale, a spa resort today has come to mean a place where you get an experience of being pampered and relaxing yourself in the luxurious ambiance.

Relevance of Spa Holiday in Today’s Times

Today, life has become very chaotic with every individual walking the tight rope of demands made at his workplace and home. There is a need for him to unwind and release all the stress and tensions of everyday life and spas offer him an excellent retreat where he is pampered like a king. The spas are no longer confined to providing mud baths in eucalyptus aroma filled surroundings; they are much more than that in today’s times. They have become experiences in wellness where you will be indulged in the encouraging and fostering environment.

Types of Spa Holidays

 Spa Holiday normally cater to couples and even families but today specialized facilities are available for the singletons too. Various facilities such as spacious single rooms and structured events for the singles are available. This enables them to benefit from the wellness experience without feeling lonesome. Activities like yoga, nature walks, sharing meal tables which promotes the developing of friendships helps them to avoid the feeling of being left out. The singles get their much deserved break without paying a hefty premium.

Moreover, the consumer has got an array of options to choose from the plethora of spa resorts presently available. The ambiences of the spas can floor him and transport him to another realm. He doesn’t have to pay for expensive plane tickets for that. But, he needs to do a lot of data collecting through which he gets knowledge of spa resorts close to his home. He can check up on reviews before he finally chooses the perfect facility.

Gifting the Spa Experience

You also have the opportunity of gifting this spa experience to your loved one; make it the surprise element on their special day and floor them with memorable memories. Not only will they come back refreshed after a rejuvenating experience but they will also remember your thoughtfulness for the rest of their lives. Give them this experiential gift and make them your valued fans.


In today’s times, where there is so much hype about fitness and health, your spa holiday must be such that it enables you to get away from it all. Make an investment which brings about a long lasting change in your mental and physical health to remain your companion long after your tan has faded.

Celebrity Super Spa

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The spa industry has been increasing in interest for many years. Initially spa retreats were about a sanctuary or tranquillity in the Himalayas away from the ‘riches’ and material goods of the western world. Spa retreats Ananda In Himalayas and Shambhala In Bali still cater for these travelers, however, there is a new phenomenon of spa retreats gaining more interest from travelers who are not just looking to find the inner spirit but also expect luxury within the spa experience. Five star resorts such as Shanti Maurice a Nira Resort and  The Taj Palace, Marrakech have developed excellent spa retreats with a mix of massage and beauty therapies.

Channel 5 have picked up on the spa phenomenon and will be broadcasting a show dedicated to spa treatments highlighting luxury and pampering. The new show called Celebrity Super Spa will include Helen Flanagan from Coronation Street and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here fame plus ex shameless actor Jody Latham and former boyfriend of Tulisa Contostavlos. The super spa reality show will be based in a Liverpool salon owned by the famous Liverpool Hairdresser Herbert Howe. Celebrity Super Spa contestants will learn a variety of spa techniques including ‘vajazzles’ and fish pedicures. Other contestants include James “Arg” Argent from The Only Way Is Essex, Most Haunted presenter Yvette Fielding and another TV chef, John Burton Race.

The era of simple sanctuary spa retreats and treatments are a thing of the past and a more luxurious experience of spa of pampering and relaxing in luxury seems to be the way to go.