Get Set for a New Spa Experience this New Year

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Each New Year brings with it an innovative and novel spa trend like the earlier Ice-Goddess Facial which involves super-cooling treatments to revitalize the skin or Galvanic Current treatments which enable the cleansers and moisturizers to get an added boost through the use of metal wands in the electric treatment.

However, the downward trend of the global economy in some measure has restrained the spa goers who have become very particular about their spending. This has led to a growing preference for the affordable spa. It is essential to take into consideration these shifts in the customer’s preference from the pampering effect to expecting more of a wellness and health quotient.

Spa Trends for the New Year

Some trends for the spa industry that can be predicted for the New Year are:

  • Much Greater Emphasis On Health And Wellness

Today’s generation is more health conscious. The earlier reason for frequenting spas which was solely pampering has no longer remained relevant. There is more a shift for obtaining a comprehensive health regimen which would also include water therapies, body wraps, massage reflexology. There will be greater association and interlinking between spas and healthcare. You can expect the hospitals to offer spa facilities in the near future.

  • Greater Environmental Concerns

The popularity of the Spa centers will be more determined by their eco-friendliness as the clients today, are interested in doing their bit towards contributing to the environment. Spas using wind-harnessed electricity, solar lighting, using recycled water and wood, food from in house organic gardens are on the rise and this trend is likely to continue into the next year.

  • Holistic Approach

One of the trends for the New Year is obtaining a holistic package from the spas in terms of its cuisine, techniques for de-stress as well as learning activities that will refresh the mind and spirit. More emphasis will be placed on healthy menus that will nourish the whole body in general and tackle in particular certain specific issues like skin texture, dark circles and bulging bellies. Certain creative diets that deal with stress are needed by the present generation who come to the spas to de-stress from their hectic and stressful lives. Various de-stress techniques like yoga, tai-chi, meditation, massage therapy will still be popular in the future.

  • Quality  Staff

The trend is in improving the quality of the spa staff so as to ensure the client’s satisfaction in getting the requisite spa experience. Training and education of the staff will be given more importance rather than introducing series of changes in facilities. Spas will be concerned with retaining clients through a consistent quality experience.

  • Improvements In Delivery Of Services

New methods and techniques that will make it easier for clients to get a memorable spa experience will become another imperative point. Alerts for attractive spa deals, incorporating free spa treatment in the room rate, use of spa credits for increasing bookings etc are becoming a common feature.  Teaching the clients to fit in few minutes of meditation into their hectic schedule or incorporating sleep time into spa treatments is on the rise. The potential of the male population who are also becoming indulgent clients has to be tapped fully. The trend of offering value added deals and discounts to entice customers in a still to recover economy may well continue into the New Year.

Get Inspired with Luxury Caribbean Spa Holidays

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Escape to the beauty of the Caribbean and rejuvenate your soul. Nonetheless, Caribbean Island is an ideal destination for spa treatments. Stress and tension in life eat up your present and future happiness. Anger is the ultimate result of the negative energy. Your health is strongly affected from this negativity.  If you want to beat this negative energy, then it is important to have a balanced life.

Health improvement through spa is an age-old concept. Many years ago, the Kings were given a hot oil massage, hot water relaxation and many more treatments after a day’s work. This helps the King to relax and give the power to rule the country. With the advent of technology, spa therapy also includes modern touch. Spa holidays are another invention of this modern world.  Luxury Caribbean Spa Holidays offer many health improvement ideas. Planning for spa holidays helps the person reduce the stress to 20 % of the body.

Island life is just awesome for people to enjoy peace, calm and natural beauty. Luxury Caribbean Spa Holidays are the best way to reduce your mental sickness. Days in Caribbean spa resorts will help you reduce all the tensions of life. These days will become the best days of your life. Spa treatments for some diseases are much effective than medicines. Hence, going for spa holiday is not at all a bad idea.

Taking a spa holiday can be a little weird for first-timer. Do not hesitate for Luxury Caribbean Spa Holidays and enjoy the miraculous spa therapies. Massage is the unique form, which relaxes your body and mind. Following are the different massage techniques for health improvement:

  • Shiatsu
  • Swedish massage
  • Reiki
  • Deep tissue massage

Toxins in the body make your body sick. Remove of body toxins helps you feel light and stress free. Luxury Caribbean Spa Holidays are great for detox treatments. Through this treatment, you can get away from all the harmful substances in the body. Check out the detox therapies for a healthy mind and body.

  • Sauna or steam therapy
  • Body Wraps
  • Detox diet (exclude carbs and sugar)

Eyes and face are the delicate areas of the body. If you are tired from inside, then the tiredness reflects on your face and eyes. This is the main reason of eye diseases and face wrinkles, ageing issues, acne and scars. Facial removes the skin dead cells and give you a fresh look. Below-mentioned are the beneficial areas of facial treatment:  

ü  Control pores

ü  Control excess facial oil

ü  Control acne

ü  Anti ageing

Feet also need spa treatment. Like any other body parts, feet also get tired. Hence, foot massage from an experienced spa therapist gives you an ultimate heavenly experience. Luxury Caribbean Holidays offer private Island spa therapy, which gives you privacy and aesthetic feeling. The surreal beauty of Private Island soothes your mind and inner soul. Boost the health condition and energize your body. Spa holiday is a mysterious holiday to explore new techniques of health improvement ideas.

Indulge In Winter Spa Treatments & Pamper Your Dry Body

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The harsh winter winds, the drying artificial warmth, the holiday time stresses all take their toll on your body. What your body needs at such times are the relaxing winter spa treatments which help to de-stress and envelop your body in a soft, buttery warmth. Some of the spa treatments to beat the winter blues are elucidated as follows:


  • Hot Stone Massage

This spa treatment is prevalent in some parts of North America and involves the regular therapeutic massage with the addition of hot stones for extra comfort. These are oval shaped rocks slightly large in size which are heated and positioned on specific places on your body, making it totally stress-free.

  • Weight Loss Massage

A massage treatment that tackles your weight loss problem is also a much sought after experience. An innovative vacuum massage therapy that decreases your cellulite and circumferential body measurements is the secret solution. 


Facials are a common feature of all spa treatments but there are some specific sorts to rejuvenate your dry and dull skin texture formed in winter. The Diamond or a Vitamin C facial are some popular examples of such facials.

  • Diamond Facial

The Diamond Glow Facial uses an innovative technique of wands inbuilt with natural diamonds to exfoliate your skin. This painless and non-invasive method reduces acne scarring, age spots, appearance of wrinkles and leaves your skin soft and glowing.

  • Vitamin C Facial

This facial protects your skin from ravages of environment like UV rays, pollution and stress through anti-oxidant enriched extracts of pure vitamin C. These are made from high content vitamin C fruits such as lime, oranges and tangerines and it smoothens the wrinkles and fine lines and gives a clear complexion.

Body Wraps & Scrubs

 Body wraps are a must in a winter spa treatment as it helps the body to shed its tired and dull skin, excreting all the impurities present underneath. Various body wraps suitable to each skin type are available.

  • Hot Toddy Body Wrap

This spa indulgence starts by exfoliating your skin using crushed cranberries. A Hungarian mud pack of clove, pomegranate, cinnamon, winter pine follows which enhances circulation and helps to de-stress. Your body is then infused in warmth with a cinnamon paprika lotion and a hot toddy spirit of preferred choice which follows adds to this warm glow.

  • Pumpkin Soufflé

This type also features cranberries and lemon sugar in its exfoliation treatment. A cleansing Pumpkin Masque which is rich in anti oxidants and vitamin A is used and this helps to get rid of impurities and dead skin cells through the enzymatic action. The Cranberry Body Balm gives the final moisturizing touch.

  • Dead Sea Wrap

Nourishment is provided to your skin through the seaweed and essential oils wrap which is truly a rejuvenating experience. It makes the skin feel pampered and nourished. 

  • Asian Based Exotic Body Scrub

A gentle eucalyptus steam is followed by an exfoliating body scrub made from crushed grape seeds, organic minerals and anti-oxidants. The body wrap soothes the senses with its ingredients of green tea, ginger and aloe sea enzyme. This is followed by a warm water rinse and exotic moisturizing massage.

 Winter Tans

There are two types of tans that can be obtained in winter months though these last for a very short periods. Both of them use the Paradise Bronzer treatment with slight variations.

Manicure & Pedicure

A spa treatment will not be complete without a manicure and pedicure. After rejuvenating your entire body, it is necessary to experience exotic indulgences for foot and hands.