A Perfect Spa Holiday Destination: Chiva-som

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If we talk about Spa Holiday there are few countries which strike our mind.  And the countries which top the list are Thailand and India.  Both of these countries are famous for their spa resorts and spa holiday packages.

Thailand is one destination where you will not regret because you choose Thailand for your holidays.  There are a number of spa holiday resorts in the Thailand.  Chiva-som is one such resort in Thailand which offers amazing spa services and treatment.

It is located on the beach of Hua Hin, Thailand.  Hua Hin is also considered as the “Royal City” of the Thailand.  A perfect destination away from the hustle of city life, this cool, calm and beautiful place is the perfect destination for people looking for the best spa services and resort.  Chiva-som offering its Spa services from the last 15 years and is the best spa resort of the world.  It is also the winner of many awards.  One can easily trust this resort as a spa holiday destination.  The beach adds beauty to the holidays.  Meditation on the beach make you feel as if you are in the haven.

It offers wonderful spa holiday packages.  Not just the spa treatment makes your body glow and re-vitalize from outside but the food and various cuisines served here includes various herbs that will make you beautiful from inside.

The various services available at Chiva-som includes –

  • Cleansing Diet: The cuisines offered at Chiva-som include different herbs which will detoxify your body.  They have well experienced staff who monitors and take the complete care of your diet.  This will really help you get healthy and feel awesome.
  • Spa: The spa treatment at Chiva-som is of the best quality.  It will relax your body, mind and soul.  It has the following services –

-          Facial Therapy

-          Body Therapy

-          Crystal Therapy

-          Massage Therapy

-          Hair Services

-          Hydrotherapy

-          Chiva Signature Treatment

-          Foot & Hand Therapy

These are not just services but the best services that one could ever have.  The facial therapy revitalizes the face as well as brings a new glow in your face with baby soft skin.  The massage therapy includes various massage techniques like hot stone massage to release the stress from your body.  They also use the various pressure points of your body to relax you completely.  The signature treatment of Chiva is amazing; they take care of every minute detail.  They also offer exclusive services to men, which includes massage, hair treatment, shaving, scalp treatment, face massage and much more.

They also treat your skin.  The Niranlada Medi-Spa offers various services for your skin like botox treatment, laser skin treatment, skin cleansing, skin tightening etc.  Get rid of those irritating spots on your face with these simple treatments.

If you are all alone or a couple and want a perfect holiday then you must try Chiva-som. Away from all the stress you will feel blessed here in this beautiful Royal City of Thailand.

Kamalaya – Luxury Spa Destination, Thailand

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When I think about birds chirping, the splash of water, all around tranquility, detox nutritional food, no doubt, I am talking about Thailand. Planning for Thailand holiday is a great idea.Thailand Spa Holidays are incredible, unique and unforgettable.

The next question comes in mind where to stay? Well, Thailand is a land of many resorts. But, the best is an award-winning Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary. Yes, the resort is a perfect destination for a perfect detox life. The innumerable spa facilities at Kamalaya make the place one of the hottest destinations. Throughout the year, people are crazy for Thailand Spa Holidays. Why will you stay behind? Pack your bags and book your holiday package at Kamalaya.

Koh Samui is blessed with this beautiful resort. My experience at Kamalaya is unforgettable. This award winning spa resort is a store of personal charm and peace. As a guest, Kamalaya days were wonderful. From yoga to sleep treatment and beauty treatment to detox food, everything is flawless. It is one of the hottest spots for Thailand Spa Holidays.

Are you looking for a beach? Are you searching for greenery? Are you probing for luxury? Then, Kamalaya is the best place to stay and experience all the beauties. Keep your body, mind and spirit in one direction and enjoy the best time. Thailand Spa Holidays offer you breathtaking experiences of Thailand. The spa facilities and treatments at Kamalaya are awesome. Guests will have a great time enjoying a spa treatment.

Kamalaya does not impose any rules and regulations. The wellness programs of Kamalaya believe in the natural process. The humanistic approach makes the wellness programs friendlier. Guests enjoy liberty while on treatment. This is the secret reason of Kamalaya’s success. People planning for Thailand Spa Holidays should get pleasure from Kamalaya’s experience. The holistic ambiance of Kamalaya encourages the guests to live a happy life.

Guests join Kamalaya’s wellness treatments are all disturbed souls. But, after a few weeks, the changes within the guests are incredible. The wellness programs are personalized for each guest. Therefore, no one is bound to accept scripted programs on the wellness list.

The popular wellness programs are:

  • Revitalize and Balance- This treatment offers stress relief and all types of prevention.
  • Detox therapy and rejuvenation- Detox therapies to control the toxins of the body.
  • Asian Bliss- Asia’s holistic teachings for a better life.
  • Personal Yoga- Personalized yoga session to relax and remove stress.
  • Weight management- Through this program, you can control your weight.
  • Fitness program- Achieve perfect fitness goals and live healthily.

Kamalaya offers you to reconnect with society and live a joyful life. If you are traveling alone, it hardly matters to your loneliness. At Kamalaya, you will forget your loneliness. Each day is new to you. Meet with other guests at Kamalaya helps you mix with different culture and like-minded people. Not only Thailand, but also Kamalaya is a big surprise to guests from all over the world. Don’t you want to have Kamalaya’s experience? Come and feel the better change in you.

Luxury Spa Holiday at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

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If you want to make every moment of Spa Holidays Abroad pleasurable, then come to Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. Dubai witnesses the grand resort with flawless facilities. Dubai is a land of great cuisine, skyscrapers, shopping and many more. Dubai is also famous for many hotels and resorts. The exotic location of Dubai makes this place popular for holiday lovers.

Why do you need Spa Holidays Abroad? Holidays in abroad location change your mind and body. Stress of daily life, work pressure and loss of energy makes life miserable. Holidays are a big change in life. After a thrilling holiday, you feel happy and lots of energy in you. Plan your next holiday in Dubai and renew your lifestyle.

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray is a 5 star hotel with luxurious facilities for guests. For people who love Spa Holidays Abroad, Dubai and this resort are an ideal place to rejuvenate. The hotel reflects the history of the Ottoman era. The architecture, facility and comfort come as a surprise package for guests from all over the world. Check out the rooms in the below-mentioned points and imagine the capacity of this deluxe hotel.

• Guestrooms- 379
• Suites- 26
• Royal Residence- 38

Staying in these rooms do not miss your ocean view. All the rooms are well decorated and beautiful. The stunning beauty of the hotel and facilities flush away all your pains.

Spa Holidays Abroad is incomplete without the spa treatments. This hotel also offers various spa facilities at the Talise Ottoman Spa. This spa offers 42 rooms for treatments, there are 8 hydrotherapy rooms, sauna rooms, steam rooms, snow rooms, 3 Turkish Hammams. The therapists or experts offer you Arabian style treatment. Book your treatment and enjoy the happiness in spa room. The outdoor pool adds an extra spice in your stressful life.

The resort also offers a gym and fitness club. Hence, fitness freak people will never miss a chance of exercise. Exercise at Spa Holidays Abroad will keep you extra fit and fine. Water sports, bicycle ride, tennis, cooking classes, and many more are the other activities available at this resort. The mesmerizing location makes your entire holiday is unforgettable.

The restaurants at the hotel offer delicious delicacies. These restaurants serve you Arabian cuisine as well as different country food. Are you a drink lover? Then, C Club and Voda bar are the excellent place to enjoy drinks. Enjoy the nightlife at the hotel with music, drink and great food. Indian will go crazy to taste North Indian dishes at AMALA restaurant in this hotel. As you enter the restaurant, you become nostalgic about India.

French Cuisine at IMPERIUM is excellent and flawless. The decoration of the restaurant gives the guests an aesthetic feeling about the place. The management of the hotel offers various packages and discounts on facilities. Grab these discounts and offers to make your holiday memorable. Single travelers can enjoy the tranquility of the resort and witness Dubai’s beauty. Next time, if you are planning for a holiday, then book a room in Jumeirah Zabeel Saray.