Detox Bath is a Recipe for Relaxation & Rejuvenation

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There is a big bathtub in front of you, there are no lights, only candles lighting up the entire area, the smell of essential oil spread to every corner. Now, you are slowly moving your steps towards the tub. Oh! Water is so hot… Yes, it is the ultimate detox bath spa waiting only for you. What more can you ask on your spa holidays? Well, you can, but bath spa is the best experience during the holidays.

We all know bath and body go hand in hand. Whether you are in the office or you live in the house all day, body gets tired. Regular baths flush out all the bad elements from the body. The food you eat, the tension you bear all day, long night parties are the reasons of bad elements. People talk about meditation, simple living and happy lifestyle. How many of us actually follow these steps? Spa Holidays act as a real break to enjoy life. Detox bath is a crucial step during detox spa holiday. It is actually a good thing to start your detox session. Bath removes the tiredness and gives you a fresh mind.

When you are over the board of any situation, you life becomes miserable. Irritation, stress and depression only attract negative energy. Detox bath spa heals your body and remove toxins from the body. Spa Holidays include detox bath spa for all types of guests. So, as you check in your spa hotel, you can enjoy a complete organic detox bath. Science is an essential part of detox spa. But, only words will not make you feel the importance of Science. So, let’s check out the process of detox bath.

Start drinking water before you get into the bathtub. Now, you will get a tub filled with hot water and the following ingredients:

  • Epsom salt
  • Baking soda
  • Ginger tea (optional)
  • Essential oil

The above items are the main ingredients for detox bath. Get into the bathtub and relax your body. Sweat is the first thing, which will come out of your body. Do not panic, sweating is good because this removes the toxins from the body. If you feel too hot, then you can ask for cold water. Spa resorts  specialising in spa holidays arrange all the basic things for your personal care.

Do you have sensitive skin? Then, let your spa therapist know about your need. For sensitive skin, filtered water will give extra protection. Experienced resorts for spa holidays are well aware about natural treatment. So, there is nothing to fear about bad treatment. The use of essential oil is optional for guests. Good nose always attracts people towards good things. This oil excites your feeling and give you positive energy. The ultimate benefit of the detox spa is not only to remove toxin, but also-

  • Increase blood circulation
  • Increase flexibility of your tissues
  • Good for lower back pain
  • Remove the dead skin cells

Now, it is time to choose a great spa holiday destination and sink for the “hottest” detox spa bath.

India is the perfect choice for Ayurvedic Spa Break Abroad

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Are you fed up with your stressed life? Now, it is time to take a break from a boring lifestyle. Many people around you spend the weekend in spas for hours. What do you think about Spa Break Abroad? Smiling? Well, I got you right. This New Year head out in search of mental peace. India can be your choice, if you are looking for herbal and natural treatment. Yes, I am talking about Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies for your boring life. These therapies are safe and completely detoxify your soul and mind.

Planning for a holiday is always important. But, when it is spa break abroad, then you must look for the best resorts. In India, there are many resorts where you get latest New Year spa trends. Ayurvedic therapies also come up with the latest spa trends. All clients will receive rejuvenation therapies as per the exact need. Kovalam is a beautiful place in the state of Kerala, India. Apart from Ayurvedic therapies, feel the tranquility of the place, enjoy the flora and fauna and nature walk is must.

Your Spa Break Abroad starts with Netra Tarpana ( therapy for eyes). Long hours in front of computers, laptops, TV and Tabs are enough for eye disease. The eyes are one of the most tender body parts. People with a hectic schedule hardly get time to take care of eyes. In this therapy, pure cow’s ghee is used for bathing the eyes. It is a thirty-minute activity, which involve two therapists for your service.

Kati Basti (therapy for lower back) is another rejuvenation treatment for clients. Do not enjoy your Spa Break without this treatment. Bad sitting posture in offices is the reason of lower back pain. Long exposure to such pain can cause danger in future. Use of medicated oil will reduce the stress. Moreover, this oil will increase the flexibility of the lower back. Are you facing lower back pain? Then, get this therapy during your spa holiday in India.

Fast life also affects your eating habits. Junk foods, long gaps in having food are the reasons of indigestion. Constipation is another result of indigestion. This problem is very common in today’s life. When your stomach function is bad, your mind function is worse. Chakra Basti (therapy to solve indigestion) is the one treatment, which solve the indigestion problem. Two therapists apply Basti in the umbilical region and accordingly give you rejuvenating treatment.

Nerves play an important role in one’s life. Foot spa is not a new trend. But, if it Ayurvedic foot massage named Padabhyanga, then definitely this is the latest spa trend. Spa Holidays Abroad is incomplete without this therapy. Cool down your body and soul with this exclusive therapy. Use of medicated herbal oil revives the nervous system. Let your body relax and detoxify all the toxins.

Come to India and explore the Ayurvedic spa trends. As you enter the spa, the calm ambiance will reduce 40% of your stress and depression. I am sure, for remaining 60% you will get more than what you expect before.

Foot Spa: Start a healthy life at a party

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How was your Halloween party? I am sure, about your thrilling experience of Halloween party. Are you still in party mood? Most of us have a tendency to become lazy after any party. We do not feel like to work after a memorable party. However, the reality is very different. People are running out of time. The best way to come back to normal life is to visit a spa and relax.

Delicious recipes, drinks, dance and music make a party night an unforgettable night. Time is a big issue? Then, experience Pedicure to remain fit at work or anywhere after party. Spas and wellness center focus more on feet rejuvenation for clients. New techniques are involved in a foot spa for Happy Feet. Nails, glowing feet and smooth ankle are the most attractive areas of both men and women. You can easily fit in any shoes with confidence.

Foot spa is another way to stay away from depression and stress at work. Healthy feet ensure healthy mind at work. Below mentioned are the types of Pedicure:

  • French Pedicure- Pedicure expert will soak your feet in warm water, remove all the dead skins with pumice stone, remove the dirt from the nails, cut the nails and give a shape of your choice. In French Pedicure, two colors of nail polish i.e. neutral nail polish is applied to entire nail and a white nail polish on the tip of the each nail. This nail gives you a fresh look and most women prefer French Pedicure all throughout the year.
  • Paraffin wax pedicure- Do you suffer from dry skin? Then, go for this pedicure at foot spa. Wax is the main ingredient of this treatment. After the usual cleaning, washing of feet and cutting of nails, you will put your feet on liquid paraffin wax and leave for a few minutes to cool down. This treatment is expensive, but effective for cracked heels. During winter, this pedicure is very useful.
  • European Pedicure- In such pedicure, the skin in the region of the finger bed is cut. Then, the cuticle is pushed into the feet skin. The final touch is given after polishing and painting of the nails.
  • Ayurveda Pedicure- At an Ayurvedic foot spa, pedicure is a luxurious treatment. This pedicure includes cleaning of nails, Ayurvedic oil foot massage, cleaning of nails, cutting and shaping of the nails. It is an ultimate heavenly experience for busy people.
  • Hot Stone Pedicure- Pedicure specialist starts with the normal procedure of pedicure. After the normal steps, the hot stones are placed in between the fingers to give relaxation. This pedicure ends with an awesome foot massage and enhances the blood circulation. It is better to take this pedicure at foot spa and save time.

Pedicure experience at renowned spas offer you incredible happiness. This is the easy and simple way to start a healthy life. Next time you enjoy a rocking party, do not forget to visit a nearby spa and enjoy Happy Feet.